Safepurge shower, to provide a safer means of legionella bacteria control for underused showers in the peripheral parts of domestic hot and cold water systems.

Safepure 2010 Showerhead Safepurge Showerhead 2010, with wall plate

Safepurge Purge-cycle controller 6000, with wall bracket

Safepurge 7000 Tundish and tube, with wall clips

Items supplied by others:

Safepurge Schematic Diagram Schematic diagram only, to simply demonstrate a typical Safepurge installation.

1. Hot and cold water supply
2. Hot and cold water deadlegs
3. Shower water mixer valve
4. Blended water pipe
5. Safepurge Showerhead 2010

6. Purge pipe
7. Safepurge 6000 - Purge cycle controller
8. Air gap - Type AA
9. Self-sealing trap / valve
10. Shower floor gulley
11. Waste / drain pipework
Safepurge Showerhead 2010
Safepurge showerheads are designed for minimal life-cycle maintenance. Water quality and the amount of use will determine any on-site maintenance regimen. Normally, no preventative maintenance is required. The construction of Safepurge showers is robust, the majority of units continue to be reliable in service well after one and even two decades use.

Water quality must be properly maintained, delivering only water suitable for bathing at all times.

Beware of any central water system cleaning practices such as descaling etc., which can foul water fittings. Always isolate the Safepurge installation and mixer valve from this type of heavily fouled water.

Cleaning - Legionella Control
Health and safety legionella control guidelines recommend showerheads are dismantled and cleaned at least every three months, or more frequently. However, conventional showerheads have been shown to become heavily colonised with legionella in far shorter periods.

Do not dismantle Safepurge showerheads.

Safepurge showerheads are designed to be self-cleaning and are shown to provide an effective means of legionella control. However, do follow the household cleaning practice described.

Cleaning - Household Duties
Both faces of the Safpurge spray plate must be cleaned as necessary to maintain an efficient water spray pattern at all times – use a mild cleaning / sterilising agent to remove any build up of limescale found. Safepurge showerheads should be cleaned / polished as part of household duties to keep chrome work bright and attractive.

Safepurge 6000 Purge-cycle Controller
Cleaning to be carried out periodically, frequency determined by the local conditions on site; dependant on the amount of use and water quality etc. Some establishments clean the discharge water laminar flow gauzes quarterly, however, others are satisfied that cleaning has not been necessary for over ten years.

Safepurge showerheads have been shown to deliver a long and reliable life, with the vast majority operating well after one and even two decades use.

The 2010 showerhead has been designed for remanufacture at the end of its first life-cycle, the construction is robust and expected to last for significantly longer than the vast majority of other shower types.

Options available for when Safepurge showerhead reaches the end of first life-cycle:

Technical Support
Should you require additional information please contact the Safepurge Technical Support Team directly on telephone number +44 (0)1407 762145, or please use the form in our 'Contact Us' section and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

All Safepurge products are supplied with installation, operation and maintenance instructions.