The key thrust to sustainability is the delivery of best value for money. This is not the lowest cost, but the best balance of quality and whole-life-cost to meet project requirements.

H.M. Government Design & Procurement Briefings describe areas of importance, highlighted in the menu bar above.

Safepurge showers cover not only the technical aspects but also deals with external environmental issues.

Health & Safety

H.M. Government Briefings describe areas where the client can have a significant impact on health and safety, which includes:

Safepurge clearly demonstrates this, whereas infections due to underused conventional showers and lapses in regular flushing / inadequate cleaning continues to be widespread.


H.M. Government Briefings describe that a good design focus should contribute to wider-policy objectives, such as those relating to the protection of the environment.

Health and safety authorities describe how underused conventional showers should be regularly flushed for several minutes to control legionella bacteria, at least once weekly. However, this relies on the planned waste of significant amounts of power and water, which can be drastically reduced with other control strategies.

Regularly flushing conventional showers in large buildings is associated with waste normally calculated in the millions of gallons of water and hundreds of thousands of kWh over a ten year life-cycle. Safepurge avoids this significant waste.

Safepurge showers are robust and expected to last for significantly longer than most other shower types. Where most showers may be destined to the recycling bin at end of life-cycle, Safepurge showers are designed for remanufacture.

Options are available when Safepurge reaches end of first life-cycle:

Cleaning and Maintenance

H.M. Government Briefings describe that account must be taken of the cost of Facilities Management such as cleaning and regular maintenance whilst minimising disruption to the core service provided.

Safepurge significanty reduces cost and disruption:

Reducing Whole-life-costs, Maintaining Quality

The whole-life-costs of operating Safepurge and conventional showering systems should be considered to secure best value for money.

A cost breakdown should be undertaken, for guideline purposes the following areas are highlighted:
(↑ / ↓ indicates expected higher and lower values)

Criteria Safepurge Conventional
Capital Cost ↑ £ ↓ £
Flushing: water waste ↓ £ ↑ £
Flushing: power waste ↓ £ ↑ £
Flushing: labour cost ↓ £ / hours ↑ £ / hours
Flushing: monitoring cost ↓ £ / hours ↑ £ / hours
Flushing: audit cost ↓ £ / hours ↑ £ / hours
Flushing: lapse cost ↓ £ / hours ↑ £ / hours
Cleaning requirement ↓ £ / hours ↑ £ / hours
Cost of infections from flushing lapses - ?

Over a ten year operating cycle it is often seen that Safepurge delivers considerable life-cycle cost savings, combined with safety and environmental benefits.